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oooooooooooo                 .                      
`888'     `8               .o8                      
 888         oooo    ooo .o888oo oooo d8b  .oooo.   
 888oooo8     `88b..8P'    888   `888""8P `P  )88b  
 888    "       Y888'      888    888      .oP"888  
 888       o  .o8"'88b     888 .  888     d8(  888  
o888ooooood8 o88'   888o   "888" d888b    `Y888""8o 
Cool stuff

Here's a list of cool websites that you might find useful or fun. If you're interested in doily making, crocheting, patterns and stationery, please check out my Office page; I have a few resources there.

ASC_PAINT - draw your own ASCII art
SculptGL - online 3D sculpting tool;
ASCII banner - make ASCII banners in many styles;
Dither it! - puts dithering on your images.

web/html tools
Broider - personalized css border code generator;
NeoConfirmation Extension - prevents accidental deletions on neocities;
Hekate's Background Generator - cool bg generator;
Fraidycat - RSS reader.

Zun's old blog - that's it;
Zines by Iffy Books - a collection of cool zines;
Wiby - a peculiar search engine; - enjoy!