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Impracticalities within Matter that Matters

Read: I Want Quiet

18.11.2022 [1:10]

this is my first proper entry on this corner of the site, so i will nonchalantly pull out my prefabricated, yet essential "sory 4 bad englis". i know i will probably gloss over spelling mistakes and such while proofreading later.
end of the disclaimer.

now, why are most people so unaware of the space they occupy in public spaces?
i take the train almost every morning, it's usually unbearably crowded and -- most importantly -- loud. a thing i noticed among passengers (regardless of the sex, age, etc) is that a good percentage (40%?) of them just need to have the concept of "being quiet" branded on the thick skulls of theirs.
talking on the train is normal and i admit that sometimes i can be loud too when i'm chatting with friends, laughing and all. but if you're alone, on the phone, doomscrolling on tiktok throughout the whole 2-hour trip, then you have no excuse not to use some goddamn headphones.
what makes some people so unaware of the noise they make when they waste time on their phone instead of admiring the landscape outside? it makes no sense to me. and most importantly, how can you be so nonchalant about it too? how egocentric and unconscious of your surroundings do you have to be to keep your phone's volume to the maximum when you're watching some shit football game you've been rewatching for 50 hours already?
maybe it's weird to me, because every 10 minutes or so i keep checking whether my headphones are actually plugged in and working, so that nobody can hear what i'm listening to. i also keep it at a low volume too, because i'm deeply scared of it being too loud. the tracks in my playlists may be certified bangers, but i'm a perfid gatekeeper (read: paranoid). so is my previous rant a projection of my insecurities or an actual externation of something that bothers me? i think it's both. to maintain its consistency -- to reduce discrepancies in our behavior -- we tend to control ourselves in a stricter way when we compare ourselves to those who act immorally, according to our own set of rules and opinions. we don't wanna experience that sweet, sweet, cognitive dissonance. or at least, i don't.
but this still begs the question, why are some people so careless? do they not recognize that the Matter they carry around as flesh automatons actually matters to those around them? why are you not embarrassed of letting everyone know you're a grown ass man crushing copious amounts of internet data to watch teenage girls half your age dancing in front of their phones? i don't know. and i don't want to hear the shouts and the screams of your beloved, soul sucking football commentators. and i definitely don't want to hear the vocal messages of your friends.
in conclusion if you own a phone, use the damn headphones that come with it. and if you don't have them, they literally cost 10eu on average. if you own a northface jacket you can own a pair of these bad boys, who cares. you occupy a space through Matter, and this Matter is linked to the Matter on your screen. Matter multiplies if you keep your volume up.
everyone should learn the art of being silent when needed.


more to add in the future about related topics...