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Micromanaging Microtransactions

Read: you have a waifu hoarding disorder

18.12.2022 [20:22]

I know I sound like a grandma in her deathbed right now, but I pinky promise you I'm in my early twenties. If there's something I really don't understand about young (>10-40 year olds) people nowadays, then it must be their obsession with obtaining something non-physical. I'm not talking about education degrees, I'm talking about videogame microtransactions, as the title suggests. If you're one of those people who claims corporations are evil spawns of the Devil, then you should be the first one to keep their hands off their wallet. And yet...
Vidya companies, as well as many content creators, sell the idea that certain games can only be enjoyed if you pay irl currency. Look at this weapon in the marketplace, it costs 5eu. Look, this is RARE, it's yours for 30eu. This is insanely rare, 100eu. Oh no, you don't have enough [rare in-game currency], do you want this LIMITED BUNDLE for 199.99eu? IT DISAPPEARS TOMORROW, HURRY UP! YOU DON'T WANNA MISS IT!".
This is true for almost every game, especially gacha games. They are perfectly enjoyable as a Free2Play game, doable, easy, you actually play to have some fun or to take your mind off. That's what games are supposed to be, in my opinion. A hobby, a pastime, nothing that serious. If you get irrationally frustrated and angry when things don't go the way you want, then it's time to turn off the pc. Especially if you play only to basically collect 2D drawings or 3D models through fucking gambling. That's what it is, gacha is gambling. You spend a determined amount of fake, rare in-game currency to test your luck on a rigged, anime slot machine. No amount of "but I do what I want with my money" will ever stop me from thinking that it's the most r[edacted] thing I've ever seen anyone doing. The same goes for skins and correlated bullshit.
"I gotta have X"
"I gotta have Y"
"I gotta have Z"
How about you get some fresh air outside your room?
Perhaps I shouldn't be this mad with those who fall for these schemes, in the end they're the victims, addicts in denial. But god, it really is frustrating. Content creators spending all their revenue (thousands of dollars) on stupid, frivolous stuff that isn't worth a cent, even e-begging sometimes because they are in horrible financial situations. As I said, every game is perfectly enjoyable as F2P, no matter what anyone says, the corps, the creators, your friends. Gambling is an addiction, and if you're afraid to fall into the trap of abysmal finance management, I made a list of things that may help you realize the worth of the things that you're willing to empty your wallet for. It's up to you to follow it or ignore it.
I don't have the appropriate qualifications to advise to those who are actual addicts, if you feel that it's gone out of contol, go to a therapist. And don't tell me you can't afford it, because you most definitely can, or you wouldn't be able to keep wasting money. Spend it on something useful, like your wellbeing. You're more important than a bunch of code.

  • How much does the game cost?
    Take the original price into account. You most likely don't need to spend any more money.
  • If the game is free:
    You're allowed to treat yourself. A friend of mine once told me that the optimal amount to spend on a game (apart from not spending anything at all) is the amount you would actually pay for it if it weren't free. Do you think it's worth 20 bucks? Then it's fair to spend those 20 bucks on virtual commodities.
  • Nobody really cares if you have XYZ thing.
    If you spend a lot of money because you want to show others that you can afford rare shit in the game then you should step outside and realize that no one feels real envy towards you. All the self importance that you feel by hoarding imaginary characters and weapons is enforced by companies that only aim to exploit your online shopping addiction/gambling.
  • Ask yourself if it's vital for you to own that thing.
    We live in a materialistic society and you're spending your parent's money (or even your own) on things you can't even touch. Is it essential for you to own something if you don't even obtain some profit out of it? It's not. Nothing is. You should stand up from your gaming chair and turn off the monitor. None of that ever mattered. It's immaterial, it will be gone soon.
  • Focus on playable content or even other games.
    There are many cool things out there, DLCs or other fun games. Exit your comfort zone and try something else, especially if you feel like the game is causing you psychological and financial trouble. Perhaps choose something with no microtransactions.
  • Finally, I said it once and I'll say it again, cut the "It's My Money and I Spend It However I Want".
    You don't live in a vacuum and you're not immune to propaganda. No well adjusted individual spends more money on vidya microtransactions compared to how much they spend on primary human needs like food. You're the proof that you're extremely guillible and easy to fool with the "Free Choice" mantra, especially when it comes to giving money to megacorps who underpay their developers/artists.

  • It shouldn't be my business, but I'd rather be annoying and honest rather than nice and disingenuous. It strikes me as peak hypocrisy when it involves the same people who complain about capitalism. Don't make countless posts about the Intrinsic Evil Of The Corps followed by you flexing your 100eu shitty league skins.
    Currenly, my ideal amount of money to spend on free games is 15-20eu total, across the years. I refuse to spend more than that, I have other hobbies too. I suggest you all to do the same, don't always rely on vidyas. And if you choose to rely on vidyas, then be sure to keep track of your expenses. It's hard to earn nowadays. I won't apologize for sounding harsh, some people need to wake up and realize that gaming is never serious unless you get paid for it, but even then, it's just a game, literally. Go have actual fun playing, and if it's not fun, money won't make it more fun.

    Long story short, no 2D/3D waifu/husbando is worth more than 20 bucks.