I decided to start making some doilies after I saw my mother's collection. She made more than 20 doilies when she was younger, some of them are still around the house on shelves and various furniture. Doily art is severely underappreciated and it's almost a lost art, mostly due to the fact that they're seen as outdated decorations. I disagree, probably because I'm biased and I love the atmosphere grandma-houses have in my country.
Keep in mind that I'm still a beginner, my works might be imprecise and I don't like showing incomplete works. Don't be shy, slap a doily on every surface you see, you won't regret it.

Clover doily
date/time: 21.02.2023;
pattern: ~ number 83
difficulty: easy/beginner level;
materials: 1.5mm hook, cotton thread color B5200 size 12;
size: 7.5cm x 7.5cm;
status: completed;
description: a small doily with a four-leaf clover pattern in the middle. i had lots of fun making this! it's smaller than the original scheme suggested (10cm x 10xm), but it turned out alright anyway. I had some issues with the last round, as you can see, a corner is looser than the others.