I've always been a big fan of pens, but I'm not one of those pen connoisseurs that spend hundreds or even thousands of €€€ for the fancy ones. I really just like regular writing/drawing tools, the ones that don't exceed 4€ + 22% tax in price.
I don't differentiate between drawing and writing, I use them for both purposes.
Note I: none of this is paid advertisement.
Note II: standard unit of measurement: millimeter.



item: PILOT G-2;

[no pic yet]
tip: cone rollerball 0.7;
line width: 0.30~0.35;
ink type: water-based gel;
ink color (owned): blue, bordeaux;
review: ★★★★☆;
My friends, I think I caught a bad case of "sudden fascination for unusual pen colors". I absolutely adore bordeaux ink, you don't see it everyday. I already owned a blue one. It is definitely not too parsimonous due to the tip width but it is surpsisingly precise when writing on printing paper (or most notebook paper). It takes some time to dry of course, and to my surprise, they almlost don't smudge! The rubber grip is ergonomic and the plastic structure is light to hold. Always get a spare one if you love these pens like me, I use the one in blue quite frequently and it's almost finished.

item: PILOT G-TEC-C4;

tip: needle-point rollerball 0.4;
line width: 0.25~0.20;
ink type: water-based gel;
ink color (owned): black, brown;
review: ★★★★☆
One of my favorites for writing. The ink flows really well and I'm a huuuge fan of extra fine lines. The line width remains constant and the ink, on top of never spilling, dries up really fast on lots of different surfaces. The grip is strangely ergonomic, but perhaps it depends on the size of your hands - and if you have/don't have a "heavy" writing style in terms of pressure. If you have a strong handwriting, this pen might not be for you.
The only downside for me is that it costs too much, but has a decent durability.
It comes in different colors, I got it in black and brown (not on the website). I use the latter as a fancy red pen for important words when I'm taking notes.

item: PILOT Hi-Tecpoint V5;

tip: needle-point rollerball 0.5;
line width: ~0.3;
ink type: liquid;
ink color (owned): black;
review: ★★★☆☆
Despite being one of the most popular pilot pens, some things can definitely be improved. The ink is probably the culprit, it bleeds into the paper and is very visible on the other side of the page, unless it's a really thick sheet, like one you could find in a regular watercolor notebook. It takes a long time to dry, so it's quite prone to feathering. Be sure to never pour water on your writings.
The grip is regular and uniform, nothing exceptionally ergonomic (some could say not at all), but I'm a fan of the see-through ink archive. I also like the metal clip on the cap. Let's say that the design is not the most offensive thing the V5 has. Maybe it's because I'm not really fond of liquid ink. It ultimately depends on how you hold the pen. If tilted too much, it'll drop way too much ink.
I find these suitable for those aesthetically pleasing school notes/bullet journals, or as underliners. They come in many different, bright colors.