Here I will put some items I have laid my eyes upon during my usual uninterrupted 3-hour sessions of e-commerce windowshopping. I am extremely reluctant when it comes to buying stuff online, I put hard limits on my yearly expenses. That doesn't stop me from wishing I were rich as hell and able to spend all my doubloons in mundane, pointless objects.
Note: some of the items might have been sold already. It doesn't matter, I want them anyway.


item: Guess ~ Black dress;

description: Expensive & sold out, but I would wear it 24/7.

item: 2000s charlotte russe skirt;

description: an asymmetrical pleated black skirt. I love it more than I love myself.


item: Hobonichi Techo Planner & Cover - A6 English - minä perhonen: anemone (Beige) - 2023 Jan Start;

image credit: jetpens.com
description: Hobonichi my beloved. I wanted to get it because of the inspirational memos. But it's like >100€ so no thanks. I will admire from afar...

item: Tombow MONO graph;

image credit: penaddict.com
description: I need a new mechanical pencil and this would make me look cool enough.

item: UM-151 (028/038);

image credit: jetpens.com
description: dream pen. Will buy if found. Love the regularness. I want a 0.28 in black and a 0.38 in bordeaux.

item: Iwako erasers;

image credit: i forgor
description: too cute to be consumed.


item: Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red;

image credit: うさぴよ@送料無料&即購入◎ @ mercari
description: i would like to own the original book. this is the first official touhou book. if you click on the link, you'll get the english pdf.