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Ljubim te, O.


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song of the day: Ploho - Город устал
words: anxiety
W1: it's session time. meaning i'll have to study 1000+ pages of developmental psychology that i didn't bother paying attention to during the lessons because none of those had been explained to me properly!!! aghhhhhggggg!!!! i hope i get to finish these books in time. i don't know if i'll be able to update my website.
but right now i'd rather take a walk in the fog. so relaxing and eerie. but only when i am not driving. driving with the fog is one of the most terrifying experiences, especially at night.
my personal heaven will have fog, fields, abandoned structures full of rusty tools, magpies, huge trees - here and there - and high voltage transmission towers to climb just to see a whole lot of nothing.


song of the day:

words: no words
Please, darling, crush that heart
In the middle of the night
Darling, hurt that heart
That's the mystery of life
Will I take this plane?
One day after tomorrow
Will I have sorrows?
Such a story's so insane


song of the day: Yabai The Maid - 60bpl;
words: fog, cold, ticking
W1: i hadn't updated this diary in a while. lately i've been making so many friends and i finally feel at ease around other people. i managed to talk in front of many students and boomers and i'm quite proud of it. perhaps i am getting over my DAG/GAD but hehehhhhhh i guess paranoia will always be part of me. it's ok tho i'm getting better one step at a time.
W2: maybe it's still a bit demoralizing to have no one irl that shares interests with me, i always feel like i am sitting on another plane on the border line between being seen as normal and a weirdo and i sort of dislike it. on one hand people see me as positively eccentric (overdressing - girls either tell me i look like a doll or a fashion model in magazines) but on the other hand my interests match the opposite kind of eccentricity. maybe that's what makes me interesting as a person i guess..? but at the same time i feel so boring and out of place. am i conforming to stereotypes or do i transcend them? am i putting too much thought into this?


song of the day: dhdghdhsyskfjdsghjf;
W1: maybe things are not as bad as they used to be.


song of the day: Buzz Kull - Into the Void;
W1: i hadn't updated in a while.. things have been quite boring as of late, but i've been in a cute place last sunday. this cat keep visiting me every day. i've been revising uni stuff and learning ser more and more.
I also found out what my real enneagram is (6w5) but i'm still unsure about my MBTI. it's either INTP or ISTJ. i think i lean more towards being ISTJ because INTP just seems so... artificial and made-up if i had to apply that personality to myself. i mean, they're both quite similar to eachother.


song of the day: RMI Stage 5 Theme - Sacred Fireflies, Forgotten in Dreams;
W1: today i took the train with my friend and went somewhere new. we ate ice cream (expensive....) and we walked a lot. my legs hurt and tomorrow i'll have to wake uo at 6am.. in 4hrs ! hehehhdbbehifhncxn now i'm gonna listen to chernikovskaya hata until i fall asleep......... check this out it's my favorite album of theirs.


W1: it's my birthday!!! i don't want to get old. my friend gave me six different collections of minerals, rocks and crystals.


song of the day: no song today.
words: no words today.
W1: i celebrated my fourth anniversary with my bf on the 19th, still have no idea why, how of if he stands me. i'm currently studying basic serbian grammar, starting from the alphabet and it's going pretty well so far. yesterday i bought two volumes of yotsuba&! in my uni town. i had a nice walk with my friend and we had ice cream together. today i met this cat, he got lost. he's very friendly and cuddly;


song of the day: She Past Away - Kasvetli Kutlama;
words: dramatic, sloth, inside, warmth;
W1: today i woke up at almost 3pm. i don't know why, probably because i'm terminally sleep deprived. i made paprika chicken with some milk cream, it was nice. i revised my uni notes and i am thinking about borrowing that serbian manual from the museum's library. i don't know why i am prone to learning languages i (probably) would never use in my life. i tried with finnish and romanian too, but the former was too hard, and i abandoned the latter for god knows what reason. i am finding so many cool things on buyee.. i wanted to look for some nice touhou stuff so here are my finds (yes i desperately need a keychain).

W2: found a sold weird orin plush, probably one of the few dozens they produced.


song of the day: Touhou 09 / 東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View OST;
words: help, garden, sunny day, sweetness, figure, good outcome;
W1: i found many taro inoue plushies. i am now obsessed and i wish i could go back to 2009, buy a ps1 and play doko demo issyo!... i missed out. too bad.. i already knew about this game but i never fully looked into it. i already have an emulator, i just need to find the game. i found an original DDI! disk on buyee (for like 4€) but it's slightly damaged. i could play it on my bf's old ps1 but i don't know if it'll work. i'm not going to buy it anyway, even if it's kinda rare.

W2: i also found cute taro key chains. they're so cheap i want them so bad. i hate my current key chain, i won it at a lottery when i was like 9. i could still attach it to my next bag. i might buy a new one in the next few days.

W3: some miscellaneous too (pens.. figures..).


song of the day: 柴又;
words: bored, conflict, responsibility;
W1: i want to make moon cake (xyz) problem: these ingredients are difficult to retrieve...
i also found some cute figures on buyee today.

W2: i visited a tanbo art website.


song of the day: midian;
words: delay, imminent departure, unavailable, admiration, approval, exploration, tension, elimination;
pictures: (_moss, _concrete, _selfSufficient)